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Back to School Bach Flower Remedies

Back to School Bach Flower Remedies The Bach Flower Remedies give a natural stress and emotional relief. They are made up of flower essences with each one relating to a specific emotion and are safe for children. Children deal with every day fears, daydreaming, self-esteem, worries, sadness, self-acceptance, school issues etc.

Starting school whether it be nursery, primary, middle or senior school or going off to higher education and leaving home for the first time can cause stress, anxiety for our children and it can also be a very emotional and nervous time for parents too. I have made up bespoke Back to School Bach Remedies for both children and parents.

Since the essences are safe, gentle, cheap and effective, they have increased rapidly in popularity, they form a crucial part of `energy medicine’. The Bach Flower Remedies are made from wild flowers and are safe for the whole family including children, babies, pets and are safe to use during pregnancy and childbirth.

This is a remedy to support you and your child's awareness, personal growth and well-being. A Remedy which can be a wonderful support in times of difficulty. Children’s Bach Remedy Aspen - is for fears and anxiety, when your child is unsure of what could happen at school and they get the feeling of general dread fear. A remedy for reassurance. Elm - This remedy helps when your child feels a temporary loss of confidence due to the overwhelming amount of responsibility suddenly taken on at school. A remedy that will help your child to feel that everything is under control. Hornbeam - A remedy to help when your child may have the “Monday morning feeling” all week and they want to stay in bed all day. The weariness is rather mental than physical and it is difficult to face the day's work. A remedy to give your child renewed energy. Larch – For those who lack self confidence in their ability to do things well, assume they will fail, and often don’t bother to try. A remedy for confidence. Mimulus - Fear of everyday things, or anxious about something specific. Mimulus is used as a type or personality remedy for those who tend generally to be nervous, timid and shy, blush easily or stammer. A remedy for courage and strength so that your child can face the everyday trials of school without fear. Mustard – Popular with Teenagers The remedy for deep gloom and depression. Your child cannot explain why they feel like a black cloud suddenly appears without reason. A remedy for your child to feel the cloud has lifted and can feel cheerful again and suddenly feel full of hope. White Chestnut – When your child’s mind is full of unwanted thoughts and mental worries. These mental arguments can often keep your child from sleeping at night. A remedy that helps your child think straight, clear their mind, get their thoughts under control and can be put to positive use in problem-solving. Worry is replaced by peace of mind and tranquillity.

Parents Bach Remedy Chicory - Over concern for your child starting school and possessiveness. A remedy for release, and focus on love and caring. Impatiens - Impatient and irritated with the slow pace of your child getting ready for school. A remedy to help with patience. Olive – Feeling of mental and physical exhaustion. A remedy to give you more energy. Rejuvenation. Mimulus - Fear of everyday things, illness, pain, accidents. Fearful or anxious about your child settling into school. A remedy to give you bravery and courage. Red Chestnut - Concern or fear about welfare of others (particularly loved ones) that something unfortunate may happen. A remedy to help you remain calm without anxiety. Peace of mind. Back to School Discount at £15.00 (usual cost at £20.00) + packaging and postage Includes: Bespoke Bach Flower Remedies 30ml bottle Information on each Flower Essence which is included in your remedy Your remedy will come in a 30ml bottle and it will last around 3 weeks The remedies contain flower essences, mineral water and a teaspoon of brandy used as a preservative Vegetable glycerine can be used as alternative alcohol-free preservative Take 4 drops 4 times a day until happiness and peace is restored The Bach Flower Remedies are gluten free A children's remedy will come with a free 30ml plastic bottle which will enable you to transfer a small amount of the remedy into each day before school which can be carried in a school bag. For younger children the remedies can be added to drinks. Flower essences do not create side effects or have adverse reactions. Please see my website for more information on Bach Flower Remedies: TO ORDER Please order through my website or direct email

Good luck to all the children on their first day of school, have fun.

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