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The Benefits of Shamanic Reiki

Assisting natural healing

A Reiki treatment increases the body's natural ability to heal. It increases vitality and energy, body functions, mind, emotions, essence and aura. Reiki releases blocked energy, promotes relaxation and reduces stress, chronic fatigue, fears, phobias and addictions. A therapy to help strengthen the immune system, clears the mind & improves focus. Reiki is absorbed by every cell in the body in the necessary amount and flows to where it is needed. A Reiki treatment will help you feel more balanced. A balanced system is not holding stress and when we don’t hold stress we function better and we make better decisions.

Aligns, clears and balances chakra centres

Alleviates associated pain

Promotes relaxation and balance

Releases energy blockages, lower vibrating energy (also called negative energy),
plus toxins or impurities


Relieves stress


Supports and activates your body's natural ability to heal itself

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