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Treatment Prices

Shamanic Reiki

Single treatment

£50 per 1-hour session

Course of three

£120 for three x 1-hour sessions

Reiki & Holistic Massage

Standard Treatment


60 minutes holistic
massage/hands-on Reiki 

Advanced Treatment


15 mins – hands-off reiki 

60 mins – holistic 
massage/hands-on Reiki

 Reiki & Bach Flower Essences

Standard Treatment

(+ Packaging & Postage)  

Includes a consultation, a bespoke Bach Flower Remedy in a 30ml bottle and information on each flower essence included in your remedy.

Your remedy will come in a 30ml bottle and it will last around 3 weeks. The remedies contain flower essences, mineral water and a teaspoon of brandy used as a preservative. Vegetable glycerine can be used as alternative alcohol-free preservative.  

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